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Check out or list of top mobile notary publics in Los Angeles. These traveling notaries on wheels will come to you, so you can stop searching for a “notary near me,” since all mobile notaries are essentially nearby.

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Mobile Notary Basics

Many of the certified public notaries featured here based in LA County, California have been notarizing all types of documents (real estate documents, immigration papers, apostille, all types of legal contracts, etc…) for decades and have the experience and professionalism you expect from a representative of the State of California.  

Like all notaries, Los Angeles mobile notary publics are certified by the state of California and are like any other notary, but they will travel to you. So, rest assured you’ll be getting the same notary stamp and signature that you would from a notary at a physical location that’s fully licensed by the stats, bonded and insured, and well-versed in all types of notarizations.  You can check the validity of each notary’s status on the secretary of state’s website here.

Why Use a Mobile Notary in Los Angeles?

LA is one of the largest cities and county in California.  Doing anything in the city that requires traveling across the city or getting official business done takes time and can be a hassle.  This is where a mobile notary in Los Angeles comes in. Having someone travel to you is much more convenient than having to drive through LA traffic and find parking or navigate and time your day with public transportation. 

In the end, you have to consider how much your time is worth.  Utilizing traveling notaries for document notarization involves minimal effort and can be more time-effective for busy individuals.  In some situations, it’s better for a notary to come to you like with bank and real estate documents that are being signed at a lender or broker’s office.

Looking For the Best Mobile Notary Near You?

Trust our list of reviewed public notaries from all over the greater Los Angeles area from Santa Monica to Downtown LA and more.

Mobile Notary Public Services

Learn more about mobile notary services and what it entails as well as tips and advice to make your notarization experience as smooth as possible.

Choosing a Traveling Notary

There are many aspects to great service.  One big thing is arriving promptly. If there is an agreed upon time, a notary should be on time and ready to begin processing your documents.  Another thing clients appreciate is professional and courteous service. Knowing how to do your job, doing it well, and making the customer feel comfortable goes a long way.  Read reviews online to see if your prospective mobile notary has shown these traits in past signings. Lastly, having good communication skills is a must. From the beginning you should be able to reach the notary and get updates on progress whether by text, phone, or email.  This will help to set expectations and make the notarization as smooth as possible. Another tip is to find a notary is nearby, so that you get serviced as soon as possible.  Also, take into consideration other things you may have to do after receiving the notarization such as mailing the documents out or getting them to their final destination.

Mobile Notary Fees

Usually, mobile notary fees will have two components, the actual fee for the notary stamp and a traveling fee.  These will vary depending on the type of notarization required, the distance of travel required, time of the appointment.  Each traveling notary public will set their own prices. This is why it’s good to call or message around to inquire and comparison shop, so to speak.  Make sure that the agent can get to you by the time you need. Some things to think about regarding mobile notary fees are discounts for multiple signatures, peak and off-peak travel pricing, acceptable payment methods (cash, PayPal, major credit card, company / bank check, money order, etc…), cancellation policies, and “wait fees.”  Many mobile notaries will give you a grace period to show up (approx. 5-15 minutes, usually). After that a “wait fee” may start to be incurred, usually $1-$5 / min. This encourages the client to be on-time, so no one’s time is wasted. Make sure to agree on the fees before confirming the appointment.

Other Services

Many mobile notaries offer 24 hour notary services in Los Angeles.  This is to help service clients that need last minute notarizations and late night / after hours public notary stamps.  This add-on service may cost more since the signing will take place at a non-conventional time and possible during late night hours; often on short notice.  Some notaries may offer related services like document scanning / printing / fax, document translation, administering oaths, courier work, mailing, and more.  Again, make sure to communicate all your needs to the notary you’re looking to hire.

Service Areas

Some places that mobile notaries travel to include: private homes / residences, law firms, banks, business offices, etc…  Each notary will have their own list, so do ask them when booking a signing. Mobile notary services in downtown Los Angeles are popular as well as other city centers like Hollywood, West LA, Century City and in the northern areas like needs for a mobile notary in North Hollywood and even in Glendale to Pasadena.  Wherever you are in the great Los Angeles Area, there’s sure to be a traveling notary public available to meet your needs.


A mobile notary public near you can be your best bet for notarizing documents in Los Angeles, California; especially if you don’t have a car and/or have no time.  Schedule the appointment where you live or a public place nearby, meet up and get the applicable necessary signatures. Having your paperwork in order and ready to be processed should be a priority, so that everything goes smoothly.  If you need your documents notarized asap, a mobile notary public is the way to go. Find a notary nearby on our website and get your documents notarized today.

Contact 213-123-4567 For 24 Hour Notary Services

We’ve created a trusted network of mobile notary publics in Los Angeles.  Speak to a professional public notary agent now.